FY Magazine: Issue 2 Launch!

The second issue of top-end boy-mad fash mag Fucking Young is out on the shelves!

The theme for this issue is the year 1997. I was ten then, a really absorbent age, and so I was thrilled when the editor Adriano asked me to write an in-depth feature assessing the pop music of that year.

Of course, it was Spice Mania and everyone had their favourite Spice, but it was also Aqua, All Saints, Steps and Hanson. 1997 saw a major image shift for Mariah Carey. There was the death of Notorious B.I.G. It was the first explosion of Daft Punk. And Elton John ruled the charts supreme with his re-dedication of Candle In The Wind to Princess Diana.

My four page feature 'Life In Plastic' analyses these moments while spanning the more obscure chart hits from that year too. Then I look at which block rockin' beats have stood the test of time since 1997, and who's been confined to the back of second-hand Now CDs, all but completely forgotten.

I also reveal who in my opinion the biggest stand out pop star of 1997 is. And it's nobody mentioned in this blog post! Pick up a copy here.

The rest of the magazine is a high quality celebration of the male aesthetic, with a focus on younger male models, and shows off a striking and expansive set of fashion shoots, sexy photos and editorial creativity. Fucking Young is one for the shelf not the coffee table.

My copy arrived today so I've only had time for a quick flick through as yet, but it looks superb!

Thanks again to Adriano for asking me to contribute such a fun feature.



  1. Awful title for a magazine. Cynical way to get attention.

  2. A couple of my friends have struggled with it too, but it's a very to-the-point title that cuts the crap out. As is Coitus magazine. These mags are about very young adults looking hot in high fashion, flavoured with some solid pieces of writing. Why pretend otherwise?

  3. Bad title! I wouldn't buy it based on the name alone - for me it's jusy an attempt to shock and gain attention (so it worked I suppose).

    I ran it past 2 "youngsters" who just laughed and said the title was immature and a poor choice and there was no way they would take it to a till and pay for it. That wasn't the reaction I expected.

  4. A bit late but can't help posting a link to my own blog http://amz1981.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/mark-owen-the-return-of-the-king/ which obviously isn't in Jack's league but touches on that same year 1997